Opening and maintaining accounts

The CJSC CB “Tolubay” offers you settlement and cash services in foreign currency. Opening and maintenance of a settlement account is FREE OF CHARGE.   You will not pay any charges for maintaining of a settlement account.

For natural persons (residents and non-residents):

– Questionnaire-application for account opening.
– Card with a sample signature of a natural person, put in the presence of the Bank’s officer and certified by a signature of such officer in two copies. For opening of an account based on an agreement of bank deposit, one copy with a sample signature is sufficient.
– Passport copy, certified by a signature of a natural person (a passport original must be with an applicant). For opening of an account based on bank deposit it is sufficient to present a passport of a natural person.
– If a client, in whose favour an account is opened by parents or any other legal representatives or by third parties, is a person under 16 years old, an application shall be submitted, containing information on a client, in whose favour an account is opened, as well as data on a person, who opens an account; a document, certifying  personality of parents or third parties, and a birth certificate of a client, a card with sample signatures of persons, entitled to dispose of monetary funds, available at the account.  

Opening and maintaining of a settlement account in foreign currency by natural persons – free of charge.

Provision of statements on available balance at the currency account (for natural persons) – 200 soms.

Provision of statements on the discount rate of foreign currencies – 50 soms.

Provision of summary statement for a period in the current year – 10 soms, for previous years – 20 soms.

Restoration of a settlement account for a private entrepreneur in national currency – 100 soms, in foreign currency – 100 soms.

Restoration of a  statement for a current year – 5 soms per 1 piece, for previous years – 20 soms for one piece.


Currency rates on 18.01.2021

Buying Selling
USD 84.4000 84.8000
EUR 101.5000 103.0000
RUB 1.1300 1.1700
KZT 0.1700 0.2100
USD 84.4817
EUR 102.4848
RUB 1.1487
KZT 0.2014
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