Minimal loan amount is KGS 50,000, maximal – USD 100,000 or equivalent if issued in a different currency. The application is processed within one or two business days with issuance on the third or the fourth day after application. No issuance fees are collected.

Documents to be enclosed to the application:

  • A copy of passports of the Borrower and the Pledger (Guarantor);
  • Proof of the Borrower’s business activity (patent, rent agreements, etc.);
  • License (if applicable);
  • Statement of earnings (in case of consumer loan).
  • For business development
    Commercial loans – for mortgage security. There must an operational business for the period up to 15 months 17-29% per year.
  • Consumer
    Consumer loans – for mortgage security, confirmation of income for the period of one year (certificate of salary, etc.)
  • Mortgage
    Mortgage - for the period of 5-7 years. Documentary confirmation of income is required. From 21% per annum.

Currency rates on 18.01.2021

Buying Selling
USD 84.3000 84.7000
EUR 101.5000 103.0000
RUB 1.1300 1.1700
KZT 0.1700 0.2100
USD 84.5000
EUR 102.7224
RUB 1.1450
KZT 0.2012
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