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Bank "Tolubay" was established on January 24, 1996 by 14 individuals with the authorized capital of 5 million KGS.

Fourteen young, ambitious and enthusiastic co-thinkers established "Tolubay" commercial bank on January 24, 1996 with initial charter capital of 5 million KGS. Founders didn't come to a dream to create a bank at once. In the early 1990s, some of them were studying in Moscow universities, some - in universities of Bishkek. A while later their labor activity had began: some of them worked in student self-supporting associations, were engaged in entrepreneurships, others carried out operations with shares on stock exchanges in Moscow and worked in Moscow banks. Direct immersion into the environment of businessmen, bankers, analysis of problems and advantages of their activity led to the idea of creating a bank is an instrument of creation, having limitless possibilities, a creative tool in the hands of intelligent, reliable, educated people, a power to influence the growth of public welfare to a considerable degree.

JSCB "Tolubay" from the first days of its establishment adopted the following principles as a basis of its work:

  • Competitive method of personnel selection, the main requirement of which is knowledge;
  • Constant improvement of the specialists' professional level;
  • Providing a full range of necessary banking services at minimum prices;
  • Extreme caution in approaching new trends;
  • Maximum flexibility in business negotiations with customers;
  • Constant research, introduction of new, alternative types of services;
  • Availability of business communication with the Bank's management.

Starting from scratch, the Bank, not being constrained by the rules and dogmas of the old economic system, managed to create its own traditions, develop fundamentally new approaches to work and bring up a professional team.

The strategic line of JSCB "Tolubay" is a gradual dynamics of the authorized capital growth with consideration of the NBKR requirements, world standards and expectations of the shareholders.

During the period of its activity the Bank has increased its authorized capital from 5 to 736 million KGS.

A significant amount of profit, gaining and strengthening the reputation of the Bank as a highly professional, reliable business partner - all this has been achieved through the selfless work of the Bank's employees, careful, individual approach to each customer - from small entrepreneurs to the largest companies and government agencies. The closing year was a period of testing the effectiveness of the principles laid down at the time of the Bank's establishment. The Bank can acknowledge with satisfaction that it has managed not only to withstand the onslaught of economic storms, but also to grow and get stronger.