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Internet-Banking service is the most convenient way of work with the bank. You can carry out banking operations without visiting the office of the Bank:

  • Trace all movements and balances of funds in your accounts;
  • Make payments;
  • Convert your funds;
  • Receive consolidated statements of account.

To become a user of this service you need:

  • Have a current account in our Bank;
  • Submit an application for connection to "Internet-Banking" system
  • Sign a contract for servicing via "Internet-Banking" system
  • Connection to "Internet-Banking" system has no fees;
  • Servicing of the client via "Internet-Banking" system - has no fees.
  • Payments within Interbank Clearing System - 10 KGS.
  • Payments within Interbank Gross Settlement System - 130 KGS.


Instructions for users to operate in the IB system