Размер шрифта

Consumer loans are issued to individuals upon presentation of a document proving income from permanent employer, for the purchase of: furniture, house repairs, and other consumer needs.

Main benefits:

  • Consideration within 1-3 business days;
  • No fees for review, cash-out and recalculation of the loan schedule.

Loan Terms:

  • Up to 60 months;
  • Under the pledged collateral of the property (documents of entitlement);
  • Reference from place of residence;
  • Reference from the State Institution "Cadastre" under the State Agency for Land Resources (property);
  • Reference from the State Institution "Unaa" under Government of Kyrgyz Republic (vehicle);
  • Passport (marriage certificate, certificate of marriage dissolution, etc.);
  • Loans are given in local currency;
  • The loan amount is from 100,000 KGS and above;
  • Interest rates in KGS: from 16% to 23%;
  • Effective interest rate in KGS: from 17,23% to 25,59%;
  • Individual repayment schedule;
  • Submission of a salary reference from the place of work or other income sources (rent, transfers, etc.);
  • Guarantee is not required.