Размер шрифта

The card is intended for cashless payments, receipt of salary in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Using the "Elcard" payment card allows you to:

– Withdraw money at any convenient place for you;
– Pay for goods and services through POS terminals;
– Transfer funds from card to card;
– Control your expenses via SMS-notification;
– To receive money transfers via Zolotaya Korona;
– Receive additional income amounting to 3% p.a. on the account balance;
– Use the service "Internet Banking";
– to Pay for services via Elcart Mobile.

Rates for "Elcard" payment card service on the salary project:

Card account opening with card issuance - 120 soms

Cashing out:

  • In the infrastructure of your bank - 0,4%;
  • In other banks infrastructure - 0,6%.

Monthly accrual of interest - 3% per annum.

Top-up of card account - no fees

To open an "Elcard" payment card the client should:

  • Come to the Payment Card Department of JSCB "Tolubay" with passport and pensioner ID card;
  • Fill in the Questionnaire for receiving "Elcard" payment card;
  • Sign an application-obligation and Service Agreement for "Elcard" card and Card Account;